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Metal Roofing in San Antonio

Metal roofing in single family homes has been used for centuries by citizens of almost every country world-wide and especially here in our hometown of San Antonio, Texas.  There are many advantages to having metal roofing over conventional roofing. Some of these advantages are style, cost-effectiveness and use of recyclable materials.

There are many types of metal that can be used in roofing and they all vary in price as well however there is one thing about metal roofs that runs across the board: They all have a high percentage of materials that can be recycled and all are 100% recyclable. That’s a huge thumbs-up for the environment. Some metal roofs will need to be re-coated in protective liquid to add more years to their lifespan. A quality metal roof can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years which exceeds the lifetime of conventional roofing by decades.

Metal roofing can be costly especially depending on what type of metal is used; copper and lead can be more expensive than aluminum for example. You may pay more with the initial installation of your roof but most of them require very little to no maintenance after that which can be a big relief in the long run for your wallet. A ceramic coating can be added to the metal roof in order to reflect the heat so your home doesn’t get unnaturally hot. These are often just paints that can help keep your temperatures regulated. Metal roofing can also be chosen for style purposes. Copper roofing has long been used in Europe and in the US for churches, museums, and other important buildings and landmarks. It can add a certain aesthetic quality to your home and give it some originality as well.

There are lots of advantages to having metal roofing on your home these days. Whether you are looking to help the environment or have the most stylish home on the block, metal roofing can give you the ability to achieve both! Call us today at 210-257-6691

Nathan Hughes